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You've enjoyed our custom sock puppets. You've used (and re-used) our Custom Covid Toilet Paper.

But you've probably wondered if you can get that same award-winning, forward-thinking Custom product in a services package.

Well now you can!!

Today we are proud to announce our first services offering...


Are you tired of other ghostbursters charging an arm and a leg for your ghostbursting needs?

Did your last ghost-bursting provider destroy your city by conjuring marshmallow-based adversaries?

We guarantee not to make things worse!

Look at this team!

Have you ever seen a collection of more competent individuals?

And we won't charge you an arm and a leg.

Rather than investing in large, outdated, and dangerous proton packs, we instead bought this used 2.5hp shopvac, which should cover most ghost-bursting needs.

We can then pass those savings along to you-- the discerning, intelligent (and might I add, very attractive) customer.

Please contact us for pricing.

And be sure to check out our position in WCD's Haunted Quadrant! We think we did very well for our inaugural appearance!!!